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Find buyers who will pay your price within your timeline

Are you a land developer who wants to sell empty plots of land? Or a builder who wants to sell house & land packages?

If so, SPG can help you find buyers, thanks to our large database and considerable project marketing experience. From a buyer’s perspective, the great thing about acquiring empty land or a brand new property is the promise of a brighter future. SPG knows exactly how to ‘sell the dream’ to buyers, because we wholeheartedly believe it and we’ve done it many times before. If you’re a land developer, we can show the plan to buyers and explain the fantastic new home they can build once they acquire your land. If you’re a builder with house & land packages, we can market your new builds to:

  • Owner-occupiers who want standard or custom house & land packages
  • Investors who want standard investment packages, dual-key properties or duplexes

SPG gets land developers and builders. We understand your business model. And we know how important it is to find buyers willing to pay your asking price within your timeline. Want to partner with a property expert that really gets you? Contact us today

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