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We are licensed property agents who act in the roles of buyer advisory & sales advisory


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Navigating the property market can be stressful and time-consuming … whether you’re buying or selling. And you need to get it right – regardless of which side of the transaction you’re on. So how do you secure the right property at the right price as the buyer? Or, alternatively, sell for a premium as the vendor? The key is to have an expert on your side. That’s where SPG comes in. We’ve got decades of market experience. When you work with SPG, you get access to that vast experience.

From doing all the legwork to managing the negotiations, we’ll help you make smart decisions so you get the best outcome possible. Want a Newcastle expert in your corner? Book your free consultation.


I’ve been referred to Stacey from Friends in the Newcastle area. And heard lots good things. I came to him seeking advice to secure an investment property. Straight away, through his connections we secured a brand-new duel key home in QLD. The property comes with 10-year warranty. And a 3-year rental guarantee @ 6%. Within a week it’s been leased for a rental return of 7.5%. I would not hesitate to refer Stacey to my friends for family.

Steve & Julia

I was looking to add a new property to my investment portfolio. And after having a quick discussion with Stacey, we designed the best strategy for me. Stacey found me a new 3- bedroom house in QLD. Located in a high grown suburb. And secured a fantastic price. Its currently leased for a 5% rental yield. I’ve been very happy with the knowledgeable and professional service of Property Seeker Buyers Agents.


A very professional group with a complete range of services to ensure you are properly informed and assisted to make the best property investment to meet your goals. Stacey even went the extra mile to secure a 10-year rental guarantee

Anthony & Tiffany

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stacey for his assistance in securing my investment property to help with my retirement plan. The difference in dealing with Stacey who has an expertise in Financial Planning/ Wealth Creation Profession which we know we are in safe hands! I would refer Property Seeker Buyers Agents to anyone looking for assistance in purchasing a property.


My partner and I were referred to Stacey and the team. We have been searching for an investment property for a while now. We have been refused finance from banks and unsure were to research. The fact Stacey was able to get our finances approved, and complete all the due diligence that’s required and handle all the negotiations, made the process easy, smooth and allowed everything to happen seamlessly without the need for me to devote much time to the process. All we had to do was review the reports and sign the paperwork. It made my life a lot easier given the time demands of my job….

Heath & Jane

Stacey and the Team at Property Seekers Buyers Agents has given me the confidence to move into buying houses as a form of investment now. All aspects of the investment are handled, taking the worry out of a large commitment.

Warren & Rosemary

I have very little spare time with work duties. Working with Stacey to purchase my investment properties was great. I didn’t have to worry about missing out on properties while I was away at work. This is the second property that I have bought through Stacey and on both occasions Stacey’s persistence with the agent to get everything right was a seamless experience for me.

Ryan & Kristy

I have never used a Buyer’s Agent before and having now done so would certainly recommend Stacey and the team at Property Seeker Buyers Agents to anyone. The whole process was managed efficiently, with diligence and expert knowledge and Stacey was able to secure an investment property for me very quickly and painlessly.

Mark & Carol

We were very cautious about buying in the right area for capital growth and low risk. Stacey was very professional and educated us on the merits of each particular areas. He found us a suitable property within a few weeks with a 10 Year Rental Guarantee. I recommend him to anyone starting their real estate investment portfolio.

David & Leanne

I was referred to Stacey for advice and help to setup my retirement plan. Stacey and his team did an amazing job of finding an investment property for my wife and I in Melbourne. We couldn’t have done it without him!!

Bill & Colleen

We decided that we needed to start to look at setting up our retirement plans. Stacey was recommended to us, his professionalism and passion made us feel at ease, that we had made the right choice. We are impressed with Stacey’s service, advice and constant communication throughout and after settlement. We are confident that the investment property that Stacey and his team have secured for us will help us reach our goal, we will be contacting Stacey again in the future for further investment.

Lee & Michelle

Thanks for all your help, I have really enjoyed dealing with you and have really appreciated your honesty, integrity and down to earth honest approach, whilst keeping me informed throughout.”

Matt & Kylie

Stacey Sykes’s service is impeccable. The purchase of my 1st investment property in Newcastle and then a 2nd in QLD, has always been a smooth transition from start to finish. He took all the hassle and stress of research, inspecting, dealing with agents and everything in between off my shoulders and turned it into a seamless operation, with a great outcome. I would highly recommend Stacey and the team at Property Seeker Buyers Agents services to all friends and family looking to purchase an investment property or any property for that matter.


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